Floats, Skis, Misc. for Sale

NEW AEROCET, WIPLINE, or Rebuilt EDO Floats please call for quote:

Price includes all parts to install the floats but does not include the installation or assembly of the floats. Only includes freight to our facility.

Used Floats

  • PK 3500 Floats with Ce185 rigging – $7,500
  • Wipline 6000 Floats with DHC-2 Beaver rigging – $10,000 SOLD!

Used Float Parts

  • Cessna 206 Float Parts: Serviceable RH pork chop P/N 40725 (LH P/N 40724 is corroded and not serviceable), drag link, upper float plane ladder attach, seaplane bungee, FWD Fuselage Strut Support, forward steering arm with springs, wing tie down ropes, forward and aft belly panel assemblies,  and misc. hardware – $7,000

Used Float Trailer

      • Call for more info

Used Skis

      •  Airglas LW3600 main skis and Landis L2500A Nose Ski with Cessna 206 rigging, $4,000
  • Beaver Federal Wheel Skis